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Welcome to www.patrikk.com!

You have now reached Patrik's place on the net. Feel free to look around. :o)

Home Movie DataBase

If you like movies, then Home Movie DataBase maybe is something for you. There are now movies there and almost everyone is commented by visitors.

Take a visit and place a comment or two. Most comments are in Swedish, but if you want to type in English, it is OK too.

Travel in Australia

I visited Australia in 1999 and fell in love in the country... I had to tell my story about my travel, which now can be read here

Another site about Australia I have is www.travelinaus.com.

Have you got a card?

View your card by enter the password you got in the email.
Note the password is case sensitive.


Play a game!

Here you have an addictive game to play when you want to spend a few hours at the computer...


Visit my site about movies. Mostly in Swedish though, but you can review a movie in English if you want to, or set up your own movie database..


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