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The 15th of March 1999 was the day when I was starting a long trip. I had never flown nor been outside Sweden on my own before. My ticket said Australia and that my return to Sweden wasn't before 6 months later.

I huged my parents and my sister Annelie at
My sister Annelie, my father and my mother at Landvetter's airport.
Landvetter's airport and then went into the gate. I wasn't nervous really, I was looking forward to go. Take off was an experience, I had never before felt such an acceleration, and not long after take off, just about an hour later it was time to land in Amsterdam.

Next stop was Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, a trip that took about 13 hours. It was a long and boring trip and it felt good when the plane finally went down for landing. My wrist watch showed midnight, but it was 7am local time and the sun rose. It was a little odd to see the sun rise at midnight... Next stop was Sydney in Australia, it did only take 8 hours.

So, after a total of 24 effective hours (38 including the time difference) the plan finally landed in Sydney just after 8pm local time. Excited and thrilled I was waiting for my luggage, talked to my parents on my mobile and then passed the custom and out on Australia ground.

Join me on my adventures in Australia, click here.

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